The Sims 4
The Sims 4 Random Renovation Challenge

The Sims 4 Random Renovation Challenge

There are a lot of build challenges out there involving different color, styles, rooms etc. so I mixed a bit of everything and came up with this simple renovation challenge.

Pick one of the game lots you’d like to renovate and then use a random generator to chose:

  • Budget
  • Number of rooms
  • Style

Optional choices:

  • Activity room (one room must be dedicated to a specific activity like painting, gym, etc.)
  • Lot type (if you want to make it spicy and not be limited to residential lots)
  • Pack restriction (you can only use certain packs and base game)

General rules and explanation:

  • Budget must be the price of the new house minus the cost of the terrain (so the price you see when you save the lot to the gallery). You can finish below budget but not above.
  • For the style I suggest you make your own list and use your discretion because the way the styles are flagged in the game is very lacking (and you can add new styles that are not listed).
  • You cannot move the house, but you can expand it or make it smaller, add/remove floors, just try to keep some of the original walls/foundations.
  • The lot must be finished and fully functional with all the basics for your Sim’s needs and all the visible walls painted.
  • You can use bb.moveobjects, unlockable or hidden objects, and scale up/down items.
  • No debug or other free decor, you must pay for each item you add to the house (landscaping included).

This is my first attempt:

  • Budget between 10,000 and 50,000
  • Nr. of rooms between 2 and 10
  • Styles to choose: Craftsman, Modern, Cottage, Mediterranean, Industrial, Asian, Victorian
  • Activity rooms: painting, gym, gardening, music, computer, gaming, crafting, bar, nursery, library.

And here’s what I rolled!

  • Budget: 28,119
  • Rooms: 6
  • Style: Craftsman
  • Activity room: Library

I chose the Daisy Hovel lot in Willow Creek.

You can find it on the Origin Gallery, my ID is AllisonWadePlays.

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