Skelly – Skeleton Follower for Skyrim SE

Skelly – Skeleton Follower for Skyrim SE

This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition only.

(Or download from NexusMods).

It’s spooky season so what’s better than having a funny skeleton following you around Skyrim?

I present you Skelly. You can find him in the Catacombs of Whiterun. Differently from other skeletons, he will not attack you but will gladly help you and talk to you.

About him:

  • Friendly skeleton
  • One handed
  • No armor or clothing
  • Sucks at magic
  • Fully voiced – thinks he is an Argonian
  • Never dies! (He already dead)
  • Can do anything other followers do
  • Except dual wielding
  • Might get lost sometimes
  • Funny walk
  • Pretty much useless

ESL plugin, no other requirements.

Just pop it in and start playing. Can uninstall whenever you like, just remember to dismiss him and take the stuff you gave him before you remove him.

Works with any follower framework, skeleton mesh/texture replacers, and basically anything, is just a vanilla Skeleton with a custom race to make him able to follow and talk.

Let me know if you have any issue!

Have fun and Happy Halloween 😀

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