My Skyrim SE Mod List

My Skyrim SE Mod List

A list of mods that I’m using in my Skyrim SE game or I’ve tried and would recommend.

I use Vortex to manage everything.

This is a work in progress, might change and add a lot of other stuff (I’m not even halfway in my mod list lol).

* is for essential (IMHO)

+ is for Adult content

Basic Techie Stuff and Game Fixes

Game Improvements and Customization

Game User Interface

Characters Meshes and Textures

Body Physics and Animations

NPCs replacers and tweaks

World and Objects Meshes and Textures

Cities and other locations

  • Kato’s Whiterun
  • Kato’s Falkreath
  • JK’s Skyrim

Player Homes and Castles

  • Breezehome (Eli’s Breezehome)
  • Morthal Home
  • Emberstone Keep
  • Black Thorn Keep
  • Winterstone Castle
  • Whiterun Safehold
  • Falkreath Cottage
  • Ayelid Haven

Clothing and Armors

New Armors and Dresses


New Weapons and Artifacts

  • Daedric Glass Weapons
  • Frost White Glass Weapons and Armors
  • Elven Weapons for Silence
  • Chilly Chillrend

Other Accessories

  • Simple Leather Backpack

Extended Gameplay and Quests

Followers and other NPCs

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