How to Make a Custom Shop in Skyrim Special Edition (Easy)

How to Make a Custom Shop in Skyrim Special Edition (Easy)

Since I made a custom tailor shop with a couple of NPCs just for personal use and to make some practice I thought of documenting the whole process and writing down this simple tutorial. Maybe someone will found it useful 😀

This is what we are going to do:

  • Duplicate one of the game homes and place it in the world.
  • Edit a bit of the inside.
  • Create a custom NPC merchant.

What you need:

  • The Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit

Nothing else.

I assume you already know how to navigate and do simple things with it.

The tutorial is super basic so I won’t get into too much complicated stuff.

So let’s start!

Open the Creation Kit and load Skyrim.esm.

Chose a house you want to use as a base for your shop.

From the Interior Cell view:

Right click on the house you want to copy and select “Duplicate Cell”. (I chose Sorli’s house in Stonehills).

Right click and select “Edit”.

Change the Location to NONE.

Go to Interior Data and change the name of the house (will show up in game).

Change everything else to NONE (this is also for when you want to create a custom player home).

If you are making a player home you should also change the Encounter Zone to NoResetZone.

Click OK.

You can now rename the duplicated cell whatever you want (something easy to find and remember).

Save your plugin with the name you prefer (mine will be 0awTaylorShop.esp).

Double click on the new cell you created and you’ll see a preview of the interior.

How to navigate and edit the world view:

  • Click A to turn the lights on and off.
  • M will show the markers about all the lights and things NPCs will do in the cell like sit, idle etc.
  • Use mouse wheel to move around and shift to rotate view.

First of all, delete all NPCs that are in the cell (they have been duplicated too and you don’t need them, they will remain in the original cell) > Just click on the NPC and click your delete key.

Save often and be careful what you touch or you’ll make a mess. If you make a mistake, press Ctrl Z to undo.

You can personalize the space as you like by deleting, moving or adding objects.

  • to move an object: left click it and drag with your mouse
  • to rotate: select object, hold right click and move your mouse
  • to scale: left click, hold S and move your mouse up or down
  • to move the object up or down: left click, hold Z and move your mouse
  • you can click the icon “snap to grid” and “snap to angle” to place things more easily
  • press F to drop the object to the floor
  • hold Ctrl to select multiple items

To add an object:

Search for the object in the Object Window and drag it into the cell.

Again, be very careful of what you grab or you’ll mess up the house very easily (getting things right can be a pain XD).

If you move something you shouldn’t and need to go back, press Ctrl Z.

Placing the exterior of the house:

Go back to the house you want to copy and go outside (you can do it by double clicking the yellow cube in front of the door).

Hold Ctrl and click on the house and all the doors that go in/out to select them at once.

Right click and Copy.

Now go to the place where you want to put the house. You can delete trees or other things if you need to make space.

Right click and Paste.

You can move and rotate the house how you like with the same commands we used before. Raise it or lower it to the ground with the Z key.

Once you are happy with the result, we need to connect the exterior to the interior.

Double click the door, select the Teleport tab, click Teleport and select your custom interior Cell from the dropdown menu. Click OK.

Press M to see the yellow marker for when you leave the house. Position it with the arrow facing outward (that’s the direction you’ll be facing when you exit).

Now double click and you’ll be inside the house.

Reposition the yellow marker there too so that it faces toward the inside of the shop.

Adding NPCs:

Create a New Actor or as many actors as you need (you can read my NPC creation tutorial if you need a detailed explanation).

To make a merchant:

From World Object > Container

Search for “merchant” and duplicate a container similar to what you want to do.

In my case I duplicate the MerchantSolitudeRadiantRainments because I want to make a clothes shop.

Right click > Duplicate

Right click > Edit

Change the ID (0awMerchantTaylor).

You can edit the items and amount of gold of the merchant if you need to. I basically left everything the same.

Click OK and when it asks if you want to create a new form say NO (we already duplicated it) and are you sure, YES.

Now go to the Cell view of the interior of the Shop.

Drag and drop the chest into the gray area outside the house (underneath the floor for example) so that it will be in a place that’s not reachable to the player.

Create a Faction:

Go back to the Object Window > Faction

Right click > New

Give it an ID (0awTaylorFaction) and a name (Taylor Faction).

Click “Can be Owner” and then go to the Vendor tab.

Click Vendor and then input the working hours (i.e. 8 to 20).

Location > Edit > Near self.

Merchant container > Select reference in render window > double click the merchant container you put in the cell.

Then go to Vendor Buy/Sell List and select the type of items you’re selling (VendorItemsTailor).

Then click OK.

Now go back to your NPC.

You’ll need to give her a voice type that has vendor lines or she won’t work. (you can find a list if you search for VoicesVendor in the Object Window) most of the standard voice types will work. I chose FemaleYoungEager.

Then go to Factions. Right click on New and add:

  • the faction you created (0awTaylorFaction)
  • JobMerchantFaction
  • a crime faction of the city/region where the NPC is located

You can then add all the other factions you want (like PotentialMarriage etc.). Customize the NPC as you please.

Then grab the Actor ID from the Object Window and drop it into the cell (in the Interior view). You’ll see her appear in the house.

Save and you’re done 😀

In this case, the merchant doesn’t have a relationship with the player so I didn’t add one. But I still wanted to add her husband into the house/shop so I made another NPC (Marticos) and created a new Relationship.

I set Marticos as Parent and Taylor as Child (but the opposite works fine – and it has nothing to do with actual Parent/Child relationship XD). Set their relationship level as Lovers and the type to Spouse. That’s it. It’s not like it has any particular impact on the game.

I also made Marticos as a potential Follower so I added a relationship to the player and all the proper factions (again, you can find detailed instructions here).

That’s it. It’s nothing particularly fancy, but it works for me 😀

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