Heros of the Wade #8 – Penitus Oculatus Followers

Heros of the Wade #8 – Penitus Oculatus Followers

Mod for Skyrim Special Edition.

This two Imperial Penitus Oculatus agents are in a bit of a situation and need your help. If you complete their quest they will follow you and are also potential marriage candidates.

Just head to the Penitus Oculatus outpost in Dragon Bridge and speak with Valeria.

v1.0 – 11.7 MB

ESP mod with head mesh, hair and eye textures. No skin/body included, you can use the ugly vanilla or use any retexture of your liking. These are the mods I use to have them look like the pictures:

Other mods I used (not required just credit):

  • KS hairdo’s (the hair textures and meshes are in the zip file so you don’t need to install the mod) – if you already have it and get a notification on conflicting files just load the KS hair mod last, shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Expressive facegen morphs (should not be needed since the .nif file is already in there).

Please notice: after you complete the quest Julius will remain to his location if you don’t ask him to follow you. You can just get back to him when you need it or leave him there. I wanted to add a package and relocate him somewhere else but didn’t want to risk to mess things up and people not knowing where to find him afterward.


If you use Vortex mod manager go to your mod list and click on “install from file” on the top bar. Select the .zip file you downloaded and click ok. Should work fine. You can install or remove at any point of the game without issues (just remember to retrieve any gear/inventory stuff you gave them or they will disappear into nothingness).

Manual Install

Just unzip the file and copy the .esp and all the other folders as they are in the Data folder of your Skyrim game. (Should be something like: [wherever you have installed Steam] > steamapps > common > Skyrim Special Edition > Data).

Permission and Credits

You can do anything you please with this mod, you can edit, change it, use it in your own mods, and share it, just be sure to credit Allison Wade at and all the other mod creators I listed above. I am not responsible for you breaking the mod or doing inappropriate things with it.
If you want to reupload to other sites, please contact me before doing so.

NOT for commercial use. You cannot sell or profit from this mod in any shape or form.

For any other question, problems, bugs, suggestions, you can comment or email me.

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