Companions Reimagined for Skyrim Special Edition

Companions Reimagined for Skyrim Special Edition

I felt the need to fill a gap in the beauty… I mean, modding community, since there are not many male replacers for Skyrim SE, and especially not many that do the Companions (I still want to mention the excellent job done with the Pride of Skyrim series for high poly head). I personally don’t use the high poly mod, and my replacers of choice are those made by Pandorable. And, as I said, the Companions are not covered, and so other male characters that I plan on doing soon, starting with the warriors and going down to some common citizens.

Long story short, what I did was just tweak a bit the face (using the great Expressive facegen morphs) and hair of the main men of the Companions (Dark Elf and the old Vignar excluded), trying to stay close to the originals but make them look a bit less ugly. And if you want something more, I’m adding two totally new characters that will act as followers, so you can take them with you whenever you like (see below).

The main mod contains only the head morph and the hair (KS hairdos). So they will use any skin texture you have installed in your game (or even the vanilla one, but that’s ugly so what’s the point). I personally used Tempered skin for males young smooth version, so I highly recommend that. But you can use it with other skins, for example, Vitruvia will work just fine.

I kept the original NPCs weight so they will use your default body type and they should work with any body type of your choice (and even SOS).

That’s it. You can download directly from here or from NexusMods.

Requirements: NONE – but I highly recommend at least Tempered skin for males or other similar skin textures.

v 1.0 – 30.4 MB

If you want them look exactly like my pictures, here’s a few other cosmetic mods you might want to try:

Natural eyes (make the eyes prettier), Beards, and Brows (but again, you can just leave the vanilla texture, won’t change that much).

The armor and weapon textures/meshes are not included, they will use the vanilla ones or the ones you have installed as a replacer. (Those in the pics are from Book of Silence).


Farkas, Vilkas, Kodlak Whitemane, Skjor, Torvar, Eorlund Greymane, Brill.


Markas you can download him here.

Brock You can download him here.


The mod could cause some issues (aka dark face) if you have installed other mods that change the appearance of the same NPCs. A solution might be to load this mod last or (if you know what you are doing) delete the characters you don’t want with SSEEdit.

In case of neck seams or gaps in the neck, which I saw happen only with Farkas and Vilkas (the ones you can actually undress without cheats), this is how I fixed them: open the console, click on the NPC then type setnpcweight 25 (for Vilkas) or setnpcweight 85 (for Farkas). Click enter. They will look funny, don’t worry. Now type disable, click enter, then type enable, click enter. Everything should be back to normal.

If you already have KS hairdos installed you might get a warning message of some files overlapping. Don’t worry, just let KS hairdos load after this mod and everything should work fine.


If you use Vortex mod manager go to your mod list and click on “install from file” on the top bar. Select the .zip file you downloaded and click ok. You should be able to install or remove it at any point of the game without issues (just remember to retrieve any gear/inventory stuff you gave to the NPCs or they will disappear into nothingness).

Manual Install

Just unzip the file and copy the .esp and the meshes and textures folders in the Data folder of your Skyrim game. (Should be something like: [wherever you have installed Steam] > steamapps > common > Skyrim Special Edition > Data)

Permission and Credits

You can do anything you please with these presets, you can edit, change them, use them in your own mods, and share them, just be sure to credit Allison Wade at and all the other mod creators I listed above.

If you want to reupload to other sites, please contact me before doing so.

NOT for commercial use. You cannot sell or profit from this mod in any shape or form.

For any other question, problems, bugs, suggestions, you can comment or email me.

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