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Review to Solomon’s Knot by Vladimir on Minds:

This is a quick read and a short introduction to a fantasy world in which monsters plague the Earth.

The main hero is a young monster hunter named Asher, and throughout his journey we learn about two factions of disconcerting principles that are heavily connected to the monster problem. The more Asher learns, the more he questions everything that heโ€™d been taught, and though I found the plot predictable, it was still a very enjoyable read.

I liked the gloomy atmosphere of this story and the gruffness of the characters involved. I also liked the fast pacing, though the ending did feel a bit too sudden. The story continues in the sequels, though, and as an opening act, Solomon’s Knot does its job.

I only wish a bit more was said of the world itself. I got vibes of historical, urban, and dystopian eras, but I was unsure which of those was predominant. Still, I had fun with this book, and I will look into the sequel stories that Allison Wade (@LandOfIce) had wrote for this series.


Reviews to Solomon’s Knot on Amazon:

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