The Sims 4 Random Renovation Challenge

There are a lot of build challenges out there involving different color, styles, rooms etc. so I mixed a bit of everything and came up with this simple renovation challenge. Pick one of the game lots you’d like to renovate and then use a random generator to chose: Budget Number of rooms Style Optional choices: Activity room (one room must […]

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Zombier – eBook

A collection of flash fiction and short stories of the spooky, horror, and weird kind, with a sprinkle of dark humor here and there. They are grouped in five self-explanatory sections: Zombies, Folklore, Technology, Violence, and Monsters. The content is intended for a mature audience. By downloading this file you declare you are 18 or older. Some of the stories […]

Skelly – Skeleton Follower for Skyrim SE

This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition only. (Or download from NexusMods). It’s spooky season so what’s better than having a funny skeleton following you around Skyrim? I present you Skelly. You can find him in the Catacombs of Whiterun. Differently from other skeletons, he will not attack you but will gladly help you and talk to you. About him: […]

My Skyrim SE Mod List

A list of mods that I’m using in my Skyrim SE game or I’ve tried and would recommend. I use Vortex to manage everything. This is a work in progress, might change and add a lot of other stuff (I’m not even halfway in my mod list lol). * is for essential (IMHO) + is for Adult content Basic Techie […]