The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Save File

I renovated the world of Glimmerbrook and the Magic Realm‘s palace and expanded the Sim families of mages 😀 (but feel free to change them if you don’t like what I did). All the lots are now filled and decorated according to my taste, using only the base game and the Realm of Magic game pack. I didn’t change any […]

Heroes of the Wade #7 – Morthal Blacksmith

Yrian – Nord Blacksmith and Follower v1.0 – 3.49 MB Or download from NexusMods. This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition only. Yrian is a skilled blacksmith and a two-handed warrior. He forged his glass warhammer by himself and is ready to follow you and fight by your side, or just sell you the gear you need. He’s also very […]

Heroes of the Wade for Skyrim Special Edition

The Wade is a company of warriors and mages that you can find in various locations around Skyrim. They will follow you and help you in your fight or can become your lifetime partners if you feel that “spark” between you. Here is an up to date list of all of them and their location: Markas, Nord Info: Two-handed battleaxe, […]