Heroes of the Wade #6 – Violet and Azure

Mod for Skyrim Special Edition. Violet and Azure – Dunmer and Altmer Followers v1.1 – 21.6 MB Or you can download them from NexusMods. You can find these lovely Elf maidens at the Shrine of Azura. Violet is a Dark Elf with the power of lighting, Azure is a High Elf with the power of ice and healing. They are […]

Ebook Formatting – Part 8 – Design with Style

The Style Sheet (CSS) Here we are finally talking about these infamous styles. If you remember what we said a while ago, in the <head> of each of the xhtml files you should have the following code: <link href=”../styles/style001.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”/> which links to the style sheet called style001.css (or however it is named in your ePub).  Now we can […]