Heroes of the Wade #04 – Owen

Owen – Friendly Thief and Follower with a Quest v1.1 – 6.00 MB This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition only. Owen is a smart guy. He grew up on the street and learned all the tricks to survive in a hard world. He might seem a bit of a scoundrel, but it can become a loyal friend once you […]

Sims 4 – 5 Bedrooms Family Home

This is one of my favorite builds so far. A cozy home for a big family with a dog. It’s on the Origin gallery (my ID is AllisonWadePlays) or you can download the tray files* from here: *How to Install Tray Files Unzip the file you just downloaded. Open your Sims game folder – the path should be something like: […]

Heroes of the Wade #03 – Brock

Brock – Companion Follower v1.0 – 5.45 MB This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition only. Brock is a brave warrior and a true Nord. He joined the Companions when he was very young and all his life has worked hard to master the art of the sword and show he is more than a pretty face. He took the […]